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Check Your Browser!

How Did I Get Here?

You have been directed to this page because your browser does not support current Web standards used to build this site. Or, your browser does not have Javascript enabled, which is highly recommended in order to fully appreciate all that the site has to offer.

What "Web standards"?

The ones created by the World Wide Web Consortium — the people who invented the Web itself. The W3C created these standards so the Web would work better for everyone. For the most part, modern browsers released since the end of 2002 support these standards reasonably well; older browsers, in particular version 4 series and before, do not.

What Can I Do?

You might consider upgrading your browser. Doing so will improve your Web experience in general, enabling you to view and use more sites as their creators intended.

The following browsers support numerous Web standards including CSS, (X)HTML, and the DOM (a universal means of controlling the behavior of Web pages), and are recommended for optimal viewing of the site:

Mozilla Firefox for all platforms

Internet Explorer 6 or higher for Windows

Safari for Macintosh

Opera 8 or higher for all platforms

Please note that this page does not pretend to be an exhaustive list of browsers that support Web standards, nor a test of browser compliance, nor a side-by-side comparison of various manufacturers’ browsers.

For further information, and to learn more about the importance of supporting the W3C standards for the Web, visit the Web Standards Project and learn about the campaigns it supports.

Why Javascript?

Javascript allows Web sites to offer an amazing amount of enhanced functionality and interactivity, leading to a much richer Web experience in general. Despite the exaggerated protests of some, Javascript in fact presents extraordinarily little, if any, risk to your computer. This site utilizes scripts only for enhanced visual enrichment. At no time do these scripts directly accesses your computer system or gather unauthorized information. The site remains usable without Javascript, but will be much more enjoyable with it enabled.

How Do I Enable Javascript?

If you believe you found this page because you do not have Javascript enabled, you can learn how to turn Javascript on by accessing your browser's Help menu (or, for most browsers, pressing F1 on your keyboard). The operation typically requires just a few clicks in your browser's preferences.


Should you like to view the site with your current browser and settings, you may do so by clicking here. You should still be able to view the information and move about the site, though not necessarily in the manner intended. The authors, therefore, strongly urge you to consider upgrading your browser for a vastly-improved Web experience.